Data Protection Declaration and the websites of the affiliated companies are made available by the companies of the GEDORE Group. Further details about us and the exact legal designation including the loadable address and the power of representation can be found in our publisher’s information.

GEDORE takes data protection seriously. Your data is collected and dealt with only within the scope of data protection legislation. Comprehensive information about this can be found at

This is essentially how we deal with your data:

1) Every time a user accesses a page of and opens a file, a log file is saved about this process.
This file storage is used exclusively for internal system-related and statistical purposes.

In detail, the following record is made each time a file is opened:

  • Name of the opened file
  • Date and time the file was opened
  • Volume of data transferred
  • Message whether the file was successfully opened
  • Description of the type of web browser used
  • Requesting Domain
  • IP address

2) The information provided by users in the registration process is evaluated by GEDORE for statistical purposes in anonymous form and only with the consent of the user. No addresses are sold to third parties nor other kind of commercial use by third parties takes place.

3) Employees of GEDORE are obligated to confidentiality. Personal data is forwarded to third parties only if this is necessary for contract fulfilment. In this case, such third parties are also required by GEDORE to enter an agreement, making an undertaking of compliance with data protection mandates.

4) Successive interlinked security systems are use to secure all data located at “*”, filed and hosted on our servers, from unauthorised access.

5) When you leave our website – for example by clicking on banner advertising – and go to third-party websites, the selected destination sites set cookies. GEDORE bears no legal responsibility for these. To find out about the use of these cookies and the information stored in them by our advertising partners, please read their data protection declarations.

6) We take every effort to comply with the data protection provisions in all areas of our platform and our company. If you have any questions, you can contact us direct by e-mail.